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Thousand appeared at the job fair in Atlanta

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In Atlanta a job fair was organized for the job seekers. It was organized by the Congressional Black Caucus. The organizers were expecting a crowd of almost five hundred people but the condition was very much surprising when they got a crowd of thousand of those people who are young, energetic, qualified but jobless. The condition is very troublesome there as such a large ratio of people is unemployed and the amount of available vacancies for them is very limited. It is very hard to give so many people the desirable employment opportunities. A democratic Congresswoman Rep Maxine Waters had given her remarks regarding this issue to the press. According to her, this is the time that the America’s president must look out and check that what level of mess been created out there. She very strongly criticized at the scenario and said the President Obama must understand this LEVEL OF PAIN from which the people of America are suffering from. Many among those job seekers had to be given medical aid as their condition got worst by standing in the line for so long in this extreme heat. She also stated that it is simply not about criticism only but people must get united to speak against the President and make him realize about the sensitivity of the situation.

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