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Reviews of X-Men: First class

Posted by Barka on Jun 9th, 2011 and filed under Hollywood, Showbiz. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

After the X-Men series, the makers have made another part of this series named as the X-Men: First class. The main story of this part revolves around the histories of the mutant and Professor X. The fans of this series are not very much keen to know about the realities of Xavier, rather they are looking forward to a new mind blowing part of this series with a new theme and a new story. As far as Xavier is concerned, the fans are just interested to know that what the reality of this character is because it is quite uncertain so far. They still want to know that whether this guy is on the right or the bad side and about the history of his wheelchair story. The movie explains that how Professor X has managed to built up a peaceful group of mutants, their aim and their revolutionary lives. Movie makers have described the personality of this person. In the earlier parts he is known to be a selfless and egoless kind of a person and in this part the movie makers have described him as a dishonorable person. In the movie industry this movie has been given AB grade.

On June third this part was released in United States and in United Kingdom it was released on First June. The part is describing the major relation in between the Professor and Jane Eyre’s (Magneto) and all about the history of Professor X and the mutant force. In the first week the movie has earned up to Fifty Five Million Dollars and almost Sixty One Million Dollars from the foreign cinemas. Overall the views are quite positive. The fans are very well satisfied from this new part. Even the critiques have given very satisfactory remarks for the story, acting, quality, screen play and many other features.

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